Our Programs

Mitzvah Circle Foundation meets the needs of people in crisis and provides necessities through our key initiatives.

People need access to basic necessities to participate in daily life. Families who don't receive assistance fall further behind. Through our Critical Needs program, we serve the whole family, providing over 100 types of necessities, including shoes, diapers, clothing, school supplies, toiletries, and more.

We ensure people in crisis receive assistance quickly and directly and treat everyone with compassion, upholding the dignity of all people.

Babies living in poverty often only get their diaper changed once or twice a day. Besides creating health risks and physical discomfort, lack of diapers is a barrier to employment; without a supply of disposable diapers, parents cannot utilize daycare services — making regular work and school attendance difficult.

We believe all babies deserve a clean diaper. Our Diaper Bank gives diapers, baby wash and wipes to the most vulnerable babies.

Mitzvah Circle Foundation's Period Supply Program is our newest initiative and part of a partnership with the National Diaper Bank Network's Alliance for Period Supplies. The program's goal is to increase access to period supplies for women and girls who do not have resources to obtain these essentials.

Without them, women and girls miss work and school. Working with school nurses, homeless shelters and other social service agencies, we are distributing period supplies to populations most in need.

Our Classroom4Good initiative educates volunteers about poverty then engages them in service; in 2017 alone, 2,928 volunteers gave 41,433 hours of service.

Mitzvah Circle Foundation is truly volunteer-based; our volunteers perform our core work every day, sorting donations, packing boxes of necessities and delivering to homes and organizations.

Real Words from Real People…

“When I was let go from my job in September a million thoughts went through my head, but the most important was ‘How am I going to take care of my son and get the things he needs until I can find a new job?’. I am thankful to have found Mitzvah Circle Foundation. The diapers, wipes and clothes that I receive for my son means so much to me.”
— Stacie

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