Our Programs

Mitzvah Circle Foundation meets the needs of people in crisis and provides essentials through our key initiatives.

Our Critical Needs Program served 39,000 unique individuals in 2015 who were struggling with poverty, homelessness, serious illness and crisis.

We meet needs of the entire family because we know if the children don't have essentials the parents don't either.

Mitzvah Circle Foundation provides toiletries, clothing, shoes, school supplies, household goods, diapers, incontinence supplies, baby gear and more to the most vulnerable.

Our Diaper Bank program continues to grow each year, meeting a desperate need.

In 2013, we distributed a few thousand diapers through collaboration with community groups and businesses who collected diapers.

In 2015 our Diaper Bank distributed over 550,000 diapers along with baby supplies to babies living in poverty.

We distribute diapers directly to families in need and also through our Diaper Bank Affiliates Program.

Our goal is to distribute 1 million diapers in 2016.

We are dedicated to building relationships and walking with people through the tragedies of their lives.

Real Words from Real People…

“When I was let go from my job in September a million thoughts went through my head, but the most important was ‘How am I going to take care of my son and get the things he needs until I can find a new job?’. I am thankful to have found Mitzvah Circle Foundation. The diapers, wipes and clothes that I receive for my son means so much to me.”
— Stacie

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