Meeting the needs of people in crisis

The Problem

Without daily necessities like shoes, clothing that fits, toiletries, diapers, baby gear, and school supplies, people cannot actively participate in daily life. Seeking employment, attending medical appointments, and succeeding in school all become insurmountable when critical needs are not met.

Our Model

We are committed to serving the entire family because we know that if the child doesn’t have clothes and shoes, then the parents don’t either. We believe that every person matters. Parents need their basic needs met in order to go to work, just as children need essentials to go to school or attend daycare. We build relationships with the people we serve by working closely with them to understand the barriers they face and their individual needs.

Our Solution

Mitzvah Circle is the only organization in our area that meets the material needs of entire families by providing immediate relief and a chance for families to get back on their feet. We serve people without barriers or bureaucracy, filling a huge, unmet need, providing swift delivery of goods, personalized by individual needs because we know one size doesn’t fit all.

Our Outcomes

Improved Daycare & School Attendance

Children are able to go to daycare because they have diapers and appropriate clothing.

Improved Family Employment & Community Engagement

Children are able to attend daycare because they have diapers and appropriate clothing, allowing parents to work, or seek employment. With the proper clothing and school supplies, children can succeed in school and gain self-esteem.

Comfort and peace of mind for families

Families have immediate comfort in the home because they have warm blankets, sheets, pillows, lamps, and other necessities.

Reduced hunger & food insecurity

Hunger and food insecurity are reduced through direct food donations and provision of pots, utensils, plates, and other kitchen necessities.

Increased happiness and decreased stress

Overall family health and happiness improves with lower stress levels when basic needs are met.

See Inside Our Personalized Care Packages

Customized for each family’s needs.


Our Annual Impact


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