Why We Are Here

We Fill the Gaps

Mitzvah Circle was created to fill the gaps, to provide items that are not covered by government assistance. Clothing, toothpaste, diapers, and deodorant are items that people need every single day, but not all can afford to buy. We are here so parents can go to work and kids can go to school or daycare.

Our Vision

Imagine a world in which kids and their parents have access to the everyday, essential items many people take for granted, such as shampoo or shoes that fit. A world where women have pads and tampons so they do not have to miss school or work, and where every baby has a clean diaper. A world in which every person matters.


We provide ongoing assistance, referrals, and support

By individually assessing and building personal relationships, we remove barriers, eliminate bureaucracy, and invite people in crisis to contact us directly.

After learning what people need to move forward, Mitzvah Circle Foundation delivers and distributes care packages containing clothing, shoes, diapers, period supplies, books, household goods, toiletries, and more.

Our Passion in Action

Our Annual Impact


Families served


Diapers distributed


Referral agencies


Partner organizations


Period supplies distributed


Items given


Lives changed