Period Supply Program

Mitzvah Circle provides pads and tampons to every girl and woman we serve. We also partner with over 110 agencies, schools and organizations to meet the period supply needs of the people they serve. A proud member of Alliance for Period Supplies, we work to end Period Poverty because no one should miss school or work due to lack of pads and tampons.

1 in 4 people struggle to purchase
period products due to lack of income

76% of Mitzvah Circle recipients have to make a choice between
spending money on period products or another basic need.

34% Stay Home
From Work or School

41% Avoid
Social Gatherings

39% Cancel

People living below the poverty line miss school and work,
falling behind their peers and coworkers, because they cannot afford basic period supplies.

Our Period Supply Program provides people with pads and tampons so they can participate in daily life without worry or embarrassment.

How YOU Can Help:

In 2021 we gave away 488,752 period supplies