Meeting Needs of People in Crisis

Mitzvah Circle Foundation supports people through tragedy and crisis. We serve those walking along life's edge by providing individualized material support.

“If the kids don't have shoes and warm coats, the parents don't either, because they're providing for their children first. That's why we look at the needs of the whole family and work to meet them.”By individually assessing and building personal relationships, we remove barriers, eliminate bureaucracy, and invite people in crisis to contact us directly.

After learning what people need most, Mitzvah Circle Foundation delivers and distributes care packages containing clothing, shoes, diapers, period supplies, books, household goods, toiletries, and more.

We provide ongoing assistance, referrals and support.

Mitzvah Circle Foundation Wins FBI Director's Community Leadership Award

Fran Held accepts the Director's Community Leadership Award on behalf of the Mitzvah Circle Foundation. (Read More)
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