Executive Director's Letter

Imagine scraping by alone, on social security, only to have the care of your five grandchildren suddenly laid upon you by the instability of their mother’s mental illness.

Picture yourself as a cancer patient who cannot leave your home because treatments have left you in need of incontinence products you cannot afford.

Envision the desperation of waiting to be approved for government assistance, or the humiliation of being turned away by service organizations that don’t address your need.

Now imagine the relief you feel upon discovering that Mitzvah Circle Foundation can help.

One in five people in every community is struggling to meet needs that most of us would consider basic…food, clothing, and adequate shelter.

Chances are that within ten minutes of your home, there are children without school supplies—who have never owned a book.

In your own neighborhood, someone is dealing with a crisis—fire, illness, or shocking loss.

We want to give them the essentials they need to move forward.

That’s why Mitzvah Circle Foundation operates in the space before traditional organizations give help, when people in desperate situations need assistance without bureaucracy.

We support individuals, families, schools and partner organizations, both locally and nationally.

When I started Mitzvah Circle Foundation, I began without seed money or funding, with only my vision and commitment to serving the most vulnerable.

In short, I began by doing the work.

But I couldn’t do it alone.

Over the past five years, I have seen that vision grow exponentially, as hundreds of dedicated volunteers, donors, and partner organizations have joined Mitzvah Circle Foundation’s critical work.

Together, we walk with people from darkness to light.

We want you to join us! You can help us create a better world for all people.

Fran P. Held,
Founder and Director

Real Words from Real People…

“There are no words to express our deep-felt gratitude for the amazing help you have been to our family. We received our first package yesterday and we’re amazed by your extreme generosity. Your help with the things we have needed but have been unable to purchase ourselves is a true blessing. The clothes, school supplies, books, diapers and toiletries brought such a smile and sigh of relief. We just loved the personal messages and drawings. It really warmed our hearts and helped us see the light in our tunnel of hard times. ”
— Julia

“I received package containing diapers and just want to say thank you so much! We were getting down to our last few and I was trying to figure out how I would get more. I’ve been fighting to get assistance for my 4-year-old with special needs. Again thank you so much for everything you do to help those in need! I hope that one day I am in the shoes to help others in unexpected ways. Thank you and God bless!”
— Sophia

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