Off-Site Volunteering Opportunities

Individuals or groups are encouraged to participate in off-site volunteer work. Donations of necessities from our community are how we meet the critical needs of people struggling with poverty, serious illness, crisis and homelessness. Your generosity can help change lives.

Mitzvah Circle Foundation would love to partner with your community group, school, or business in an off-site project! We can help you coordinate a collection and/or project by providing collection bins, brochures, flyers & promotional materials and can pick up the donation.

Project Ideas

School supply collection and back-pack stuffing. Collect school supplies and backpacks, because children can’t do their homework without a pencil. Put supplies for school-age children into backpacks with a handwritten note wishing a child a good school year, or decorated with uplifting pictures.

Baby shower. Collect items all babies and toddlers need, because without baby wash and clean diapers, seriously ill babies experience greater health risks. Larger size diapers (5 and 6 and pullups), bottles, sippy cups, baby wipes, baby wash, bibs, towels and more are always needed. Designate a day and time to create baby bundles — packaging the items for individual babies.

Children’s clothing and shoes collection. Collect gently used and new children’s clothing and shoes. With the group, remove items with stains, rips or that are worn-out or have personal writing (local school names, birthdays, etc.). Then sort the items by size, season, and gender (i.e. Girls Summer 2T-3T). Bag the sorted clothing, labeling each bag. Children can’t run, jump, and play without shoes that fit, and they can’t feel good and do their best with ill-fitting or worn clothing. Give children struggling with poverty a chance to feel like their peers by providing quality clothing and shoes!

Food4Hope. Collect non-perishable snacks — small bags of nuts, applesauce, granola and protein bars, oatmeal, water, Gatorade, etc. Designate a day and time to decorate brown-paper bags with uplifting words and stuff the bags with 5 food items and a drink. Mitzvah Circle Foundation will deliver these items to local homeless shelters and to schools serving students living in poverty and experiencing food insecurity.

Additional items to collect and donate:

  • New socks & underwear
  • Toiletries
  • Gently used and new coats or shoes for children, babies and toddlers
  • New gloves & hats for all ages

Our full list of donation guidelines can be found here.

Contact our Director of Community Engagement, Rachel Hurley at or by phone at 267.649.7610 for more information, to schedule a pick-up, or with questions.

Interested in Hosting an Event or Party?

Would you like to help get high-quality essentials into the hands of people struggling?

Host an event to support Mitzvah Circle Foundation!

Some ideas:

  • Collect toys at a child’s birthday party.
  • Ask 1st birthday party attendees to bring a baby necessity in lieu of a gift. These items can include baby wash, baby wipes, bottles, baby towels and washcloths, bibs, diapers and more.
  • Designate Mitzvah Circle Foundation as the charity of your choice at a holiday party or celebration.
  • Hold a family and friends giving back event or party. Have attendees bring a needed item. Then assemble the items with notes of love and kindness. Refer to our donation guidelines for suggestions.