Hear from our Recipients

We have all needed help, received help, and now we can give help.

Hear from just some of the people who have needed help and received it from Mitzvah Circle Foundation.

“Just received the diapers for this month. You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much. We are in need of men's tennis shoes size 10 and a half or 11.The girls loved the clothes — thank you so much. God Bless You!”

“Our school has no money, and my students can't afford to buy regular school supplies. Please help us by sending some backpacks, notebooks and pencils!”

“Thank you so much for the last box — the kids enjoyed the clothing and shoes! They are so excited for school to start. I am so glad that there are places out there that enjoy to help! The clothing you send helps us. Again thank you so much and God bless you guys for all you do.”

“Things are not going well right now. My husband has another blood clot and I hurt my back at work. My job has been giving me a hard time. If possible, we could use toilet paper and our boys could really use new shoes. Thank you for everything you do!”

“I just wanted to say thank you. I am 10 days away from finishing my freshman year of college, I have an A average –even with 4 kids! Life has been a struggle, but thanks to people like you I feel love and support. I am going to succeed, and eventually stand on my own two feet for my children.”

“I am a single parent and I have a 8 year old son who's in need of clothing like pants, shorts, and underwear. I feel bad because he loves toys and I can't afford to get him any. I am also very low on household goods such as bathroom and clearning products. If you can help me I would be gladly thankful.”

“I just had a son me and we really need help. I am looking for a job but I need diapers, bottles, baby stuff, and food. We are trying our best and praying for better days but we can really use some help. My son is 6 weeks old and he needs diapers and formula. We are still trying to get help from WIC but nothing yet.”

“I recently overcame homelessness, so I can’t afford to buy grooming products, shoes or clothing for job interviews. I don’t even have clothes for casual jobs. My only pair of jeans has a large hole in them, and there is a hole in my sneakers too. I hope you can help me.”

“My son Jimmy is out of school for the summer and he's eating at home for breakfast, lunch and supper. Without free breakfast and lunch at school I don't know what I am going to do. Please help us!”

“My hours have been cut at work along with every one else's, and my pay lately is significantly less. I have applied for Food Stamps but it is a long process. I am going to the food bank and have totally wiped out my savings.”

“My bank account is at zero balance. We are in need of diapers for two children. We deeply appreciate all your help in the past — words really cannot express our thanks!”

“I am about to lose my home to foreclosure if I do not receive help. I can barely feed myself and my dog..”

“My situation is I have 5 kids and we are on the street. What would be most helpful to me right now would be help so my children can know what home is again.”

“I am a divorced mom. I Love my kids and wouldn't take my children back for the world- they are my life. Their father gave me these amazing gifts, however it has been a lot harder as they get older and any help is truly appreciated and a gift..”

“I went through a high risk pregnancy working every day until I no longer could work. My marriage ended 2 days after leaving ICU with my newborn baby. I need help now like never before.”

“I have a daughter that needs school supplies and clothes for school. I can't afford feminine products, clothes, and house hold items such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. We really need your help!.”

“My son Joshua is going back to school and I wanted to see if you can help. He is going to 1st grade and we have nothing for him. I also need underwear and anything else that you can do. Please help us!”

“When I was let go from my job in September a million thoughts went through my head, but the most important was ‘How am I going to take care of my son and get the things he needs until I can find a new job?’. I am thankful to have found Mitzvah Circle Foundation. The diapers, wipes and clothes that I receive for my son means so much to me..”