Teen Nights at Mitzvah Circle

All volunteers must sign up in advance by by filling out the form here

Once a month, Mitzvah Circle Foundation hosts a Teen Night—an opportunity for students 12 and above to volunteer with or without their parents.

Students from all over the area come alone or with friends to use their hands and hearts to serve people struggling with poverty, crisis, homelessness and serious illness.

At Mitzvah Circle Foundation, teens will sort and organize donations and assemble essential supplies. These personalized boxes of necessities go directly to people struggling with poverty, crisis, serious illness and homelessness, helping to break the cycle of poverty and give people what they need to move forward.

All Teen Nights are 6–8 PM.

To attend, RSVP by filling out the form here.

To schedule a group of more than 10 students on an evening by appointment, use the same form, and tell us the timeframe you would like to come. We’ll get back to you with availability.

Upcoming Teen Nights

  • September 27, 2017
  • October 25, 2017
  • November 16, 2017
  • December 11, 2017
  • January 17, 2018
  • February 13, 2018
  • March 14, 2018
  • April 12, 2018
  • May 2, 2018