Volunteering at Mitzvah Circle Foundation

Mitzvah Circle Foundation is a volunteer-based organization. We meet the critical needs of people struggling with crisis, poverty, serious illness and homelessness with our treasured volunteers.

When new volunteers visit Mitzvah Circle Foundation, they participate in a short introduction in our Classroom4Good that explains the scope of our programs.

We discuss what living without basic necessities means, providing a context for our mission. Following this discussion, volunteers will receive a tour of the facilities and then get to work!

Visitors will rotate between various workstations that include sorting, organizing, and packing for individuals and families.

Jobs are prioritized based on organizational need and the ability and interest of each volunteer. We work with you to find a good fit!

New volunteers are guided by staff or lead volunteers. With our volunteers, Mitzvah Circle Foundation serves people in the most desperate situations, providing critical necessities based on specific needs, so people can move forward.

We need your help to break the cycle of poverty and crisis.

Visit Details

All volunteers must sign up in advance. Schedule your visit with our online calendar.

Our warehouse is open Monday–Thursday, 8:30 AM–2:30 PM, Fridays 9–12, two Sundays a month from 9–1:30 or 9–2:30 — with shifts starting at 9, and 11:30 or 9:30 and 12:30, depending on the day — and evenings by appointment.

We also hold a Teen Night one evening each month, when young people ages 12 and above can come with or without a parent or guardian.

Groups, families, and individuals volunteer for 2-3 hours, depending on age and ability.

Children ages 6-11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The warehouse is chillier than our office in the winter, and warmer in the summer.

Dress accordingly, wearing closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothing.

Ready to visit?

Check our volunteer calendar to view available times and to schedule a time to volunteer.

Need help using the calendar? Email volunteer@mitzvahcircle.org.

Before You Visit


Mitzvah Circle Foundation is able to distribute basic necessities because of the generous hearts of the people who donate these items to us.

Consider bringing a donation of items we always need, which include:


Socks & underwear for all ages

Gloves & hats for all ages

Toiletries, including baby wash & wipes

School Supplies

New & Gently Used

Clothing for all ages, especially boys

Shoes & Coats for all ages


See a full list of our donation guidelines here.