Mitzvah Circle

Put Your Sole Into Service

4th Annual Run

Fundraising Ideas

Set a goal! Strive to raise at least $100. Some of you will raise much more than this but if we all work toward at least this amount it would be so helpful!

Personalize it. Share why you are running, why you volunteer at Mitzvah Circle. Why Mitzvah Circle is important to the community. Be sure to include our mission and that the money raised will go to help local families. Feel free to use a photo from our Facebook account.

Don’t be afraid to ask. You are asking on behalf of Mitzvah Circle, not yourself. You are asking for people in dire need. Here are some ideas:

Social Networking — post a message with a link to your team page or your fundraising page, customize with a personal message sharing why you are running, why Mitzvah Circle is important to you. You can do this through email too.

Power of 10 — Ask 10 friends to each give you $10 and you will have raised $100!

50/50 raffle — great to do at your office or place of business. Winner gets 1⁄2 of what is raised and Mitzvah Circle gets the other half. Make sure participants write name, number and email address on raffle tickets so you can reach them.

Check for matching gifts at your place of employment

Telephone — we are so used to emailing and social media that we forget that the telephone is very effective to reach out to people, especially the older generation. Make a list of those you would like to call and what you would like to say.

Ask family and friends face to face — this is the most effective way to fundraise!

Remember to start early and most importantly to say Thank you!